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What you eat matters. Your eating habits today influence your medical dependencies later.

Remove The Veil
2 min readOct 26, 2021


Meditation is a form of eating. Whatever you constantly think about you’re eating and digesting into your soul (mind, will, & emotions). Our souls naturally want to be in a state of peace, harmony, and joy. The same with our bodies — healthy, fit, and functioning. We have the power, ability, and choice to provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. With that same power, ability, and choice we can starve our bodies & mind from attaining what it needs.

As stated earlier, meditation is a form of eating. You choose your thoughts just the same as you choose the foods you put in your body. If you don’t eat Mcdonald’s or processed foods for health reasons and someone places those foods in front of you you won’t partake in them. The same goes with thoughts. If a thought presents itself to you (I am not good enough, I’m ugly, I won’t ever find love, My life is trash, etc) that doesn’t line up with your chosen lifestyle — you won’t meditate or entertain it.

Our thoughts take up mental real estate that influences the serotonin, memory, neurons, and more in our bodies. In order to reverse the effects of our meditation habits we have to redirect our thoughts (change what we feed ourselves.

What is your goal?

Before most people go on a diet or have a lifestyle change they develop a goal. For example, lose 10lbs, get a slimmer waist, feel better, stop taking medication, etc. In order to achieve optimal mental, emotional, & spiritual wellness- you must DEVELOP an end goal and stick to it. If your goal is inner peace and wellness- do not feast on thoughts and ideas that don’t bring you to or represent your end goal.

You are more powerful than you think. Thoughts do not control you — you control thoughts. Our health is our responsibility. Choose wisely what you eat.